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Thoughts on how I play Lambo: 15 or 25 year old version? Good? Bad? All critiques, please comment here. We all stray from time to time so it's always a good thing to be pointed back in the right direction. Praise also welcome because when is it not!


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  ☄ OOC 

♚ PLAYER: Blithe
♚ PREFERRED CONTACT: [personal profile] blythee  |  Discord: Blithe#5328
♚ TIMEZONE/TAGGING PACE: PST. Usually tag at night. Prefer boomeranging a single thread.
♚ THREAD-JACKING: Go ahead! I've got no problem with it!  
♚ BACKTAGGING: Go ahead. Though, I tend to drop threads that aren't going anywhere after a month. That way I don't drown in backlogs. :(
♚ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: No rape or derogatory slurs. Nothing else comes to mind. 
♚ FOURTH-WALLING: Future events are fine as long as it doesn't involve his own history past his canon point. For example, telling him about future events like the Arcobaleno curse is lifted is fine, but telling him that the Millefiore is defeated is not, simply because this would compromise his 25 year old self. 

  ☄ IC 

♚ MEDICAL INFO: Lambo is a human with the unique ability to withstand electricity. He has a type of skin that is a good conductor of electricity, so even if he's hit by lightning, the electricity will travel through his skin alone and discharge into the ground thereby preventing damage to his internal organs and brain. 
15:Average intelligence. He's simple in his thinking so he can break-down seemingly big problems into simple explanations, but don't expect him to come up with or even understand master plans.  Weak mental fortitude against physical attacks.
25: Experience has granted him wisdom. He understands strategy and tactics. Strong mental fortitude against physical attacks. 
15: Telling him to show his guts. He's not motivated by passion for the Vongola but passion for his family. Hurting him. He's a coward so hurting him in any way. 
25: Hurting his family and those closest to him.
15: Go ahead. He's a an Italian teenager, so ladies, cooking and fashion are what you're going to get
25: Go ahead. Though it's not a mind you'll find much joy in. He's lost his entire family and has survived for the last 10 years not lived. 

15: Lambo is a crybaby. He doesn't like to fight and prefers if others fight for him. Those around him usually shelter him unless they can't. However, if he has to fight, he can stand and fight. But only when he has too. As for hurting him, please do! Killing him would be something planned. 
25: He won't go on the offense first. However, if attacked, he will immediately defend and go on the offense. He's an experienced battle-hardened fighter. He's been on the run for 10 years, hunted down by the organization that killed his family. He hasn't had the luxury of  having someone at his back in that time so he's had to rely solely on himself, so come at him if at your own risk. As for hurting him, I've got no problem with this. Killing him would be something that would need to be discussed. 

15: Lambo is Italian in every stereotypical way. Affection gestures are in his blood. He needs them. He's the type to die of loneliness as he is now.  Lambo wears his feelings on his sleeve and he's got confidence in spades, so he'll have no problem initiating anything. Hugging this character? Go ahead! He'll hug you back or even initiate it. Flirting with him? Go ahead. Kissing him? Depends on their relationship but a kiss to the cheek is an everyday affectionate gesture between family and friends. A romantic kiss, he'll need to have developed some romantic feelings first.  He'll respond positively to most physical affection unless he doesn't know the person. 
25: Lambo has been surviving for the last 10 years. The last affectionate gesture he probably shared with another happened back then. He has no basis for romantic gestures anymore. So don't expect them from him. Hugging this character? He won't initiate it and unless he knows you're not an enemy he won't really accept it. Flirting with him? Go ahead. He'll find it charming but nothing else. Kissing him? He probably wouldn't initiate it, either platonic or romantic. He'll have to have some strong feelings for someone in order for him to accept it. 
♚ RELATIONSHIPS: Open to familial-type, friendship, enemy and romantic relationships. None without notable CR. 

☄ POWER SPECIFIC: Given Permissions/Opt-Out
♚ POWERS: Please check out his profile as soon as I get it out.

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Player's Name: Blithe
Player's Age: 21+
Contact info:  [Bad username or site: Blythee @]Discord: Blithe#5328
DW: [community profile] 6_pomegranates

Character Name:
 Lambo Bovino
Character Canon: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Character Age:15. His 25 year old self will show up from time to time via his 10 Year Bazooka. 
History: Link
Canon Point: Ch. 142. Future Arc, specifically when 5 year old Lambo switches places with 15 year old Lambo during Yamamoto's fight with Millefiore's Black Spell. 
AU/CRAU Summary: N/A. Original Universe. 


In order to understand Lambo of the future (15 year old), it’s necessary to examine Lambo from the past (5 year old). Lambo has grown immensely since he was first introduced as the five year old hitman from the Bovino Famiglia whose only desire was to kill Reborn and eat grape candies. Back then, Lambo was an obnoxious crybaby who liked to boss people around. His dream was to become the Boss of the Bovino Famiglia and make all of humanity bow down to him. Yet, he was a coward whose only notion of fighting was to throw grenades at people. Furthermore, he was a child and thus, protected by everyone. Yet, despite his age and inherent flaws, he was named the Lightning Guardian of the most powerful mafia family - The Vongola. Like a lightning rod, the Lightning Guardian “must draw damage to himself and away from the rest of the Famiglia”, a duty seemingly impossible for the young child to take on. Still, he was pleased to be named the ring bearer and was too arrogant to realize he was completely unsuited for the role, or so it seemed. The title along with his stubborn ego fed his delusions of grandeur but at the same time, it also allowed him to survive his enemies. As the Vongola’s Lightning Guardian Lambo had to fight one on one battles on his own, without the aid of his companions. Due to his young age, he was unable to fully grasp the dangerous situations he was in and often-times thought it was merely a game. He tended to view his opponents as people he could play with so he showed no fear when the odds were stacked against him. However, when his enemies attacked and physically hurt him, the five year old would be utterly surprised and try to tolerate the pain but in the end he was still just a child and when the pain became too great he’d run away by using his Ten Year Bazooka to switch places with his future self. The fact that his future self almost always pulled through - by the skin of his teeth - only cemented to the five year old that he was ‘The Great Lambo-san!’ as he often referred to himself back then in third-person. As time passes, he slowly begins to take shape as the worthy successor of the Lightning Ring that marks him as the Guardian of Lightning, and so, the most cowardly guardian of the Vongola became their vanguard.

The Ten Year Bazooka allows the rest of the Vongola guardians to see the hidden potential their Lightning Guardian has yet to reach. The Bazooka brings the fifteen year old back to the past when his younger self can’t take it. This older Lambo arrives in a cloud of pink smoke and is obviously older. He also bares an uncanny resemblance to the First Lightning Guardian, Lampo. His afro-styled hair from his childhood days is now short and tamed, while his right eye now remains closed except when he’s startled. But more importantly, his personality undergoes a dramatic change. No longer does he talk about himself in the third person. He’s a lot more respectful to Tsuna (Vongola Boss) and the rest of the Guardians, even using a -shi as an honorific for Gokudera, the Storm Guardian who he always used to fight with as a kid. His speech pattern is a lot softer than the loud boisterous claims his younger self used to make. He’s a lot more laid back, no longer moving with the rapid energy he used to have as a kid with too much sugar in his system but the grace of someone who's grown into his body. It’s clear he’s matured for the better. However, Lambo is still just a teenager. His main concerns in life are looking good and girls. For example, the 5 year old used to always demand people play with him and while his ten years later self isn’t so obnoxious, when asked what his pride is, he proudly states that “up till now, [he’s] never even once refused a single invitation to come out and party, especially with the ladies. [And] for the sake of my pride, I [will] risked everything, even though I [know] I’d lose 5 times to defend it. That is the kind of man I am”. So while, he doesn’t demand people play with him, it’s clear he hasn’t changed his priorities much placing playtime very high on his list of important matters to him.

Thus, he’s the embodiment of the stereotypical Italian male. He’s a ladies man who treats women with respect and deference. He cares about food, fashion and style. He talks with his hands a lot and he’s got a healthy ego even going as far as calling himself ‘star material’. It’s here that we start to see the cracks and realize he hasn’t quite reached full maturity. Furthermore, during battles Lambo still expresses an unwillingness to fight. If he can run away he will, preferring to take the easy road rather than face down a scary opponent. However, when he’s properly motivated he stands his ground stating, “[When] I absolutely have to do something, I can be a man.” He’s no longer the coward from before and faces down his opponent using his increased powers to take them down. But, if he gets badly hurt, he starts crying and runs away the same way as before. And so, he hasn’t completely changed. He’ll face down his opponent but if his resolve isn’t strong enough, he’ll run away from the pain. But if he can find motivation enough to work through the pain then he becomes unstoppable. Unfortunately, there are few motivating factors that can make Lambo push himself past his fear. So far, they all involve having his passion for his famiglia ignited. Thus, although he acts cool and tough, he’s still a crybaby at heart. He still runs away when things get tough but when he musters up his courage for the people who so diligently took care of him as a child. It’s here that his title is truly earned. He stands his ground for the sake of his famiglia, courage after all, isn’t the absence of fear but the ability to fight despite it.

Furthermore, the fifteen year old also serves another important purpose. He’s brought to the past to put into perspective the state of mind of his younger self. Finally, the Guardians are able to know what Lambo truly felt about all the dangerous situations he was placed in when they allowed him to tag along all those years ago. Tsuna and the other Guardians never wanted to involve a child in their desperate fights but he insisted and refused to be left behind. That coupled with his title as one of the Guardians put a lot of pressure on the young Vongola Boss not to leave his guardian behind. For instance, when he’s losing one of his fights Gokudera tries to motivate him with a fiery speech about showing his guts as a Vongola Guardian which would obviously motivate Gokudera to the extreme but it has the opposite effect on Lambo who states, ”that sort of passionate stuff withers me up. Now I’ve lost my willingness or dying will.” He even starts to sniffle and cry quietly because how can they expect him to go up against a monster, and thus, Gokudera fails completely to motivate him. However, when he hears Reborn take responsibility and say that he “shouldn’t have treated him like the rest of the Vongola guardians, like a man,” Lambo quickly loses the tears when Tsuna agrees with him because despite the danger he was in the memories he holds most precious are, “Kind Mama. Charming I-Pin. Young Vongola and the unique older people around him.” He was happy to be there and enjoyed it more than anything. He wanted to be there and wanted nothing more than to catch up to them as soon as possible. “To the world that young Vongola and the others live.” He even tells Tsuna that he has to take him whenever they go because he doesn’t ever want to stay behind. His most precious memories as child that he holds closests to his heart where of his time with Tsuna and the rest of the guardians and the people around them. He doesn’t want to be left behind and lose the precious memories of his family. Here we truly see the state of mind of the young child who tagged along and refused to stay behind while his precious people went off on their adventures. He wanted to be part of that, part of the memories they all built. And so, his one unselfish pursuit is to repay them all for so diligently taking care of him and never leaving him behind. He’ll face down any enemy to keep his spot not as the Vongola Guardian of Lightning, or the Vongola Mafia but simply as one of the family. This is no more made clear than when he’s asked if he thinks Tsuna has the makings of a great boss, Lambo admits that he never thought of him as a Boss but as a great “nii-chan” or older brother. This single statement puts into perspective Lambo’s epic growth. Back then, he had dreams of becoming the Bovino Boss before he joined the Vongola. Then he dreamed of having all of humanity bow down to him. He was a very selfish dumb cow, but as time passed he changed and so did his dreams. No longer is he motivated by dreams of grandeur but by the bonds to his family. He no longer cares that the Vongola is the most powerful mafia family but instead views them all as his real family, the ones who loved and took care of him.

Twenty Years later, Lambo has again changed dramatically. This version of Lambo comes into play when his 15 year old self is too scared to fight against the Varia during his Battle for the Lightning Ring. Here the Vongola Guardians truly see the full potential of their Lightning Guardian. Lambo is portrayed as the true embodiment of his title. He’s had time to mature and perfect his techniques. Once summoned, he completely overpowers Levi, Varia’s candidate for the Lightning Ring during their battle. For the first time, Lambo’s innate ability to absorb electricity without being harmed is shown in its strongest form and can be easily summed up in his own words - “Electricity is like a kitten to me now”. Although his time is brief, a lot can be glimpsed of his personality simply by comparing it to his younger versions. He’s obviously matured. Truly matured. He faces his enemy without an inch of fear. He doesn’t try to run away nor does he cry anymore. He’s completely lost his most distinguishing trait as a coward and has truly become the vanguard of the Vongola. As for his attitude, it’s matured. Gone are his superfluous motivations and he fights for his family without needing to be convinced. His first instinct isn’t to run away but to face down his opponent and take them down. Thus, as a Guardian he’s finally shown at full maturity. Yet, his role as a guardian isn’t all there is to him. Here, for the first time, Lambo is given a history.

Initially, all that’s stated of his past is his ties with the Bovino Famiglia but that’s it. When his 15 year old self is summoned, we never get any tidbits of information of the future. We have no concrete facts about how his daily life is or what he’s up to. However, his 25 year old summons does have a past. Does state what’s happened to him. On seeing the guardians, Lambo is nostalgic, implying it’s been a long time since he’s last seen them. Later, it’s revealed that Lambo is the only surviving member of the Vongola Famiglia. In his future, the Millefiore Famiglia with Byakuran as its head was successful in taking over all parallel worlds including his own. They endlessly pursued and prosecuted all major mafia families that went against them, at the top of the list being the Vongola. The Millefiore were successful in destroying anyone and anything with ties to the Vongola including all his friends and family. Thus, it is heavily implied that the guardian whose sole motivation was to protect his family, lost them. It can be inferred that this version of Lambo has been on the run for years now having to survive on his own on the fringes of society and fight his way out of any confrontations all on his own. And so, the little markers of the hardship he’s had to endure slowly start to make sense. Beginning with his outfit which no longer bears the trait of fashion and style, but of functionality. It’s still in tone with his ties to the Bull, but now it’s made of leather. He wears a long coat made up of several patches as if it’s constantly being repaired. To finish the look, a pair of leather boots and gloves. His clothes are rugged instead of stylish depicting a departure from a life of easy living to a life of hardship. Yet, while his outfit bears the most physical change it’s his tone and attitude that truly depict the life he’s led up until now. While his 15 year old self was laid back, ten years later, Lambo seems more thoughtful. His tone is still calm but his words have a wisdom to them that wasn’t there before. For instance, instead of lingering on what he feels he focuses on the the opponent ahead, signaling that he’s learned to put his feelings aside to focus on his enemies, where before he would always focus on his feelings first then his enemies. This change, while small, is crucial. It signifies that he’s learned to put the situation at hand first before which has enabled him to survive all these years. When you’re on the run you don’t have the luxury of lingering on your feelings. Furthermore, he’s no longer boastful or egotistical like his younger versions. Experience has made him aware of what he can and cannot do, so when he takes on an opponent it’s not arrogance that gives him confidence but a profound understanding of his powers. In fact, when Tsuna and the other Guardians praise him, he becomes embarrassed where before he would have soaked up the praise to toot his own horn. Yet, while his fightings skills do mark him as a changed man, the biggest change comes not from his abilities but from his tone. He sounds and looks tired. As if he’s had to deal with a great burden on his shoulders all alone. It isn’t until the Guardians are transported ten years into the future by a modification to his signature weapon, the Ten Year Bazooka, that they realize just what kind of burden their guardian must have endured and why there was such a sweet bitterness underlying his summons to the past. Thus, since Lambo is taken before the Guardians defeat Byakuran and the Millefiore Famiglia, Twenty Years Later Lambo remains the nostalgic, but powerful Guardian of Lightning who’s lost his entire world.


Note: 25 year old Lambo has no Vongola Ring or Box Weapon. Also, 15 year old Lambo's lightning is depicted as green where 25 year old Lambo's lightning is depicted as red most likely to differentiate the intensity of the lightning. 

15 year old Lambo

- Elettrico Cuoio: No weapon needed. Due to being struck many times by lightning, electricity passes right through Lambo with little effect. Weakness, one thunder strike seems to be his limit to how much electricity he can dissipate without being harmed.

- Thunder Set: Horns needed. Uses horns to summon lightning and stores it in the horns to use the collected volts to attack. 

- Elettrico Cornata: Horns needed. After using Thunder Set, he charges his opponent like a bulk. Weakness short range, needs to physically touch his opponent to attack and dispense the stored electricity into them.

- Gyuudon. Vongola Ring and Box Weapon needed. Uses the ring to make Lightning flames to put into the Box weapon in order to summon his Box Animal, Gyuudon (Lightning Bull). Lambo rides he armored bull into battle. The Box Animal is large and is capable of firing huge amounts of electricity.

- Cambio Forma, Lampo’s Shield: Vongola Ring and Box Weapon needed. Uses the ring to make Lightning flames to put into the Box weapon in order to summon his Box Animal, Gyuudon (Lightning Bull). However, every Box Animal has a second form in which they become Box Weapons called Cambio Forma and Gyuudon takes on the form of Lampo’s Shield. The Cambio Forma includes Lampo’s horned shield along with a helmet with with horns. This form has amazing defensive and offensive capabilities.

- Corna Fulmine (Lightning Horns): Vongola Ring and Box Weapon needed. Uses the ring to make Lightning flames to put into the Box weapon in order to summon his Box Animal, Gyuudon (Lightning Bull). However, every Box Animal has a second form in which they become Box Weapons called Cambio Forma and Gyuudon takes on the form of Lampo’s Shield.The Cambio Forma includes Lampo’s horned shield along with a helmet with with horns. This form has amazing defensive and offensive capabilities. The shield protects from attack and at the same time unleashes powerful Lightning Flames to defeat the enemies around the user. The flames released are so solid and thin that they are able to pierce through an enemy like shrapnel.

25 year old Lambo

- Elettrico Cuoio: Due to being struck many times by lightning, electricity passes right through Lambo with little effect. Strength, very high tolerance on how much electricity he can dissipate, he’s struck multiple times by lightning without being harmed.

- Thunder Set: uses horns to summon lightning and stores it in the horns to use the collected volts to attack. - Elettrico Cornata: After using Thunder Set, he charges his opponent like a bull. Strength: Long Range. He can project the electricity out to reach his opponent to attack without physically touching them to dispense the stored electricity into them.

- Elettrico Reverse: releases stored electricity without the horns. Without the aid of a weapon, he can release the electricity into the ground or attack his opponent.


Aside from his clothes and jewlery ,15 year old Lambo will arrive with the following:

Vongola Ring of Lightning: Allows Lambo to utilize his Dying Will Flame of Lightning that serves as a power source for his Vongola Box Weapon.
Horns: Given to him by the Bovino Boss, Lambo uses them to summon and store lightning used in his attacks.
Vongola Box Weapon: Small cube-shaped box that stores a powerful Lighting Bull named Gyuudon, his box animal. Ten-Year Bazooka: Developed by the Bovino Famiglia, Lambo uses it to switch places with his ten years later self.

Aside from his clothes and jewlery, 25 year old Lambo will arrive with only his Horns. 

Room Detail:

Lambo's room will be an Italian dream. It'll be plush but open with granite to give it a more rustic feel. There's no modern or contemporary look here, but full-fledged Italian decor built for comfort. He'll have the fluffiest pillows, metal bed, granite floors, carpet and big ceiling to floor windows with a balcony outside that has a comfy chair for him to sit on and some plants for him to water. 


Link [ Here ] [ Here ] and [ Here ]

15 year old Lambo: To become less cowardly and to make new bonds with people that will serve to motivate him to stand his ground. Relationships for Lambo have always been those where someone took care of him. Aside from I-Pin, who was also his age, Lambo was always around people who sheltered him. Even I-Pin shelters him since she knows a lot more about the world than he does. So, I'd like him to make new bonds and become friends with people on equal terms. 

25 year old Lambo:  To become less withdrawn from the world and realize that he can now invest himself in new bonds. He lost all his most precious bonds to the Millefiore and while he doesn't feel sorry for himself but he is used to being on the run and therefore used to never staying anywhere long. So, I want him to start living a kinder life where he can form bonds with people once more. 


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